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AsaTek Solutions: Your Digital Evolution Partner

Empowering with Cloud Services, AI & IoT, Cybersecurity, Web & Mobile Applications, ERP Services, and Testing & QA. Transform possibilities into reality with AsaTek.

Cloud Solutions

AsaBhanu enables organizations to integrate applications across multiple public cloud platforms simultaneously.

MobileFirst Solutions

AsaBhanu can help modernize your applications and business strategy with a mobile-first approach that's future-proof


AsaBhanu specializes in handling Bl projects for its clients. From tool selection, to data transformation, and reporting.

ERP Solutions

AsaBhanu can suggest the ideal ERP platform, and implement it so that it meets the exact needs of your company

Project Management & QA

AsaBhanu Project Management services allows you to make the best use of your resources for a greater profitability.

Solutions Staffing

Our team of experienced IT Recruiters and Professional IT staffing consultants are experienced, knowledgeable and committed.

Cloud Solutions

AsaTek's Cloud Consulting promotes digital transformation and unleashes the full potential of cloud services in the cloud-first age with the assistance of certified professionals.

AI & IOT Services

With AsaTek's pioneering AI and IoT services, you can unleash creativity and connection while moving industries forward with expert-driven smart automation and data-centric solutions.

Cyber Security

By partnering with AsaTek's Cyber Security Consulting, you may strengthen your defenses and reduce risks in the dynamic digital environment of today.

Web & Mobile Services

AsaTek, a team of professional developers and designers, empowers companies and people with appealing mobile and web apps. AsaTek produces customised solutions that boost online presence, streamline procedures, and drive growth.

ERP Solutions

AsaTek's innovative ERP software solution integrates and streamlines multiple corporate activities under one complete platform, allowing you to simplify operations, increase efficiency, and make informed choices.

QA & Testing

AsaTek's Quality Assurance and Testing Services will assist you in raising your standards. Advanced technique and competent QA teams are your best bet for creating robust and trustworthy software.


AsaTek identifies digital ecosystem obstacles, opportunities, and success factors through analysis and industry awareness.



AsaTek excels at observing trends, behaviours, and emerging technologies, translating insights into actionable strategies to stay ahead.



AsaTek focuses on innovation, transforming ideas into tangible solutions in various industries.


What We Stand For

Welcome to AsaTek, where we lead the way in technological advancement. Our identity is woven from threads of creativity, expertise, and an unyielding commitment to guiding enterprises and individuals through the digital landscape. AsaTek stands as a beacon of progress, offering an extensive array of specialized services.

Our team of devoted experts is deeply entrenched in industry trends and pioneering methodologies, propelling us to continuously evolve and redefine boundaries. With a proven track record spanning multiple sectors, we stand by your side as collaborators, harnessing technology’s potential to revolutionize industries, elevate experiences, and foster innovation.

Our mission is excellence, our promise is innovation, and our legacy is an homage to the boundless possibilities of the digital era. Join us as we shape the trajectory of tomorrow, unlock latent potential, and navigate the challenges of an ever-changing world. AsaTek – Forging the Future Today.

Industry Leading Technology Solutions


AsaTek leverages technology to provide creative, scalable solutions that cross boundaries, solve problems, and open new doors. Their knowledge of cutting- edge technologies and processes propels digital advancement.


AsaTek takes a user-centric approach, concentrating on frictionless, engaging, and enriching interactions in every connection to ensure technology leaves a lasting impact on clients and users.

Case Studies


IoT Cloud Solutions
Parking Station Connectivity and management.


Data Foundation
Medicaid & LOE organization Deploying FICO Blaze rules


Solutions Staffing
Hard to Find Skills Staffing

Let Us Make a Difference!

Our clients, like our people are our most treasured assets. We nurture every client relationship with commitment, passion and integrity, which is the reason why most of our clients have been with us over a decade of our existence.

Certificates & Awards

Let Us Make a Difference!

We believe in the potential of innovation to effect real change. Using our service knowledge, let us work together to create a brighter, more technologically advanced future.

Let Us Make a Difference!

We believe in the potential of innovation to effect real change. Using our service knowledge, let us work together to create a brighter, more technologically advanced future.